Jenzabar's Annual Meeting 2024 | Dallas, TX

JAM Academy Live Program

Jenzabar's Annual Meeting 2024 | Dallas, TX

Half-Day Workshops

Accounts Receivable Charge Setup Bootcamp in Jenzabar One Desktop

Creating Data Sets and Optimizing SQL

Start Your Engines With Rules Based Updates

Using SQL for Non-IT (Basic)

Half-Day Workshops

Become a Student Data Attendant

Campus Portal Site Manager

Mastering the Art of Advising Trees

Using Group Processing in Jenzabar Financial Aid

Using SQL for Non-IT (Intermediate)

Full-Day Workshops

Creating Reports in InfoMaker

Jenzabar One System Administration (Self-Managed) (Part 1)

Making Campus Portal FormFlow/Workflow Work For You

Reporting With PowerBI: From Data Model to Visualization

Streamlining Your Financial Processes

Basic Portlet Development (Part 1)

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These workshops are an additional fee to your JAM conference pass. Lunch is provided for all day Tuesday courses (#100-650 only).