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Transact is your go-to for mobile-centric campus technology for integrated campus payments, campus ID, and campus commerce solutions.

• Improve the student experience and streamline campus operations with a dynamic payment platform. Transact Payments simplifies core areas of your financial services operations including payments, commerce, and bill presentment.

• Provide a secure, mobile-centric campus environment with contactless student ID credentials for effortless, campus-wide transactions and access privileges with Transact Campus ID Solutions.

Enable students an easy way to connect all campus purchases across integrated point-of-sale solutions tied to campus ID cards or mobile credentials with Transact Commerce Solutions. Learn more at www.transact-tech.com.

Herring Bank

Herring Bank is proud to be a Jenzabar Technology Partner since 2015.  Herring Bank Campus Products have unique integrations with the Jenzabar System.  Our suite of products include Student Payments that post in real time to the Student Account, Student Refund Account Choice and Disbursements, Campus ID One Card with digital wallets, and 1098T Processing. Herring Bank can be your service provider to increase efficiency and reduce multiple vendor expenses. Learn more at www.herringbank.com.

Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks provides hosting for BigBlueButton, a web conferencing system designed for online learning.  Our mission is to enable every teacher to create great minds through providing the most learner-centric virtual classroom in the world.  We are deeply integrated into Canvas, Moodle, Jenzabar, and Schoology as their default virtual classroom. Learn more at blindsidenetworks.com.

DBS Software & Services

A long standing Jenzabar partner, DBS is the exclusive supplier of Docubase Education Suite (Document/Content Management) and DBS LiveForms (e-forms and workflow automation). Docubase is integrated to Jenzabar One and has been successfully deployed in dozens of Jenzabar colleges across the USA.  Our solutions employ the latest technologies in document management and forms automation and are offered in a variety of options from fully hosted "as a service" to hybrid and on-premises, for maximum technical flexibility and fit to budget. Learn more at www.dsgroup.net.


Emsi is a labor market analytics firm. We collect and integrate complex labor market data and build user-friendly tools to help you understand employment, economic trends, and training needs for your region. We believe that a skilled, well-prepared workforce drives economic prosperity. We work with clients in higher education, workforce development, economic development, site selection, and talent acquisition. Learn more at www.economicmodeling.com.

Nelnet Campus Commerce

Nelnet Campus Commerce delivers payment technology for a smarter campus. The products provide the latest technology in higher education to create a unique and integrated payment experience for more than 1,300 campuses across the country. The intuitive and secure solutions are PCI Level 1 validated and integrate with every major ERP.

From payment processing and refunds, to tuition payment plans and online storefronts, Nelnet Campus Commerce helps process every payment on campus. Learn more: CampusCommerce.com.


A proven Jenzabar partner, Softdocs provides the Jenzabar community with the opportunity to add value to existing technology deployments with the addition of document management, electronic forms and workflow capabilities. The company’s cloud-based Etrieve platform, and complementary solutions, are designed specifically for use by the education market and supported by a professional services team familiar with the nuances of business processes within education. For Jenzabar institutions, Softdocs provides a robust integration toolkit to integrate Softdocs solutions with Jenzabar systems, as well as a user experience and API framework for building a seamless application on top of the ERP. Learn more at www.softdocs.com.


CourseLeaf is the premier curriculum management system for colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. Our five software modules work cohesively, allowing clients to manage the progression from curriculum development and catalog publishing to class scheduling, student registration, and syllabi confirmation with ease. Learn more at www.leepfrog.com.

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